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Ayurveda Nasya, sterility, Rheumatoid arthritis,Rheumatic fever, Vertebral column diseases,sports injuries, children's diseases, hepatitis


Ayur means Life Veda means Knowledge

Ayurveda,traditional therapy,tridosha,panchabhootha,Panchakarma,Vamana,Virechana,Vasti,RakthamokshamAyurveda the traditional Health maintaining form of Indian medicine, was developed by ancient sages, more than 5000 years back. Living beings are originated and surviving with the help of soul mind and body.

Three doshas (Vatha, Pitha, Kapha) 7 dhathus, 5 malas are some properties, which, exist in our body, in a balanced state, which regulate the body and mind with a healthy state whenever the balance get into an altered state, it is considered to be disease.

Body is constituted by "Panchabhoothas"(Earth, Water, Fire and Space). Ayurveda is treating with the help of these Panchabhoothas. Revitalising the healthy condition and making on vigorous and immune to disease, one of the cardinal principles of Ayurveda. Movement and activity; Pitha, the entire bio-chemical process operating in a body and Kapha is the entire physical volume in living organisms. A disturbance in any of the three doshas results in a particular disease and the treatment administered accordingly. Treatments vary in duration and intensity. Treatment is either with medicines or with oil baths and massages. Ayurveda recommends Panchakarma processes of Vamana (emesis), Virechana (purgation), Vasti (enema), Rakthamoksham (bloodletting) and Nasya (Nasal medication) for rejuvenating the body and the mind.

Methods of Treatment

Methods of Treatment - Sodhana, SamanaSodhana - Elimination of accumulated dosha, dhathus, mala from the body. Which include "Panchakarma" (Vamanaemisis, Rechanam- Purging, Nasyam-errhines, Anuvasa- application of enema that is oily, Niruham application of Enema, which is not oily, Rakthamoksham leaching (other option).

Samana - Curative treatments after the elimination process, which are pachanam (Digestive therapies) Deepanam (Appetizer) Trishna Nigraham (Sweet rush) Kshuth Nigraham (Appetite controlling) Vyayamam (Exercise) Athapam (Sun exposure) marutham (air exposure).

In the Ayurvedic system, treatment could be given even before the diagnosis. This is just because Ayurveda is not treating the disease but the whole person, considering the mind and the body.

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